Bobcat Hunt Idaho

Idaho Bobcat Hunts
(late December & January)

This is a perfect fit as a second species with a Cougar Hunt since no other hunting tag is required. Or, you may choose to pursue Bobcat as your primary species. Our area has a Reduced Cougar Tag that is certainly worth having in your pocket in case the hounds cut another track or “Bob’s” BIGGER cousin responds to your predator calls. There is a mandatory check, report, and pelt tag required after the hunt for a cost of $3.00 (resident) / $3.50 (non-resident) + $1.75 vendor fee per pelt. A $600 Trophy Fee per Bobcat (additional Species) -or- you may donate Pelt to Outfitter in lieu of this fee.  Should one (1) Bobcat be the only harvested game, the trophy fee does not apply. Considered a Cougar Hunt, get more information on this combination adventure by following one of the “Cougar” links or tab above and schedule your Bobcat Hunt.