Black Bear

Black Bear

Guided black bear hunts are conducted out of our base camp as well as our backcountry camps. We hunt bear by spot-and-stalk method (glassing hillsides with binoculars and/or spotting scopes, then moving quietly to get in range for an ethical shot). We are also allowed to use bait in pre-determined locations we have set up.

We have a large number of black bear with an excellent possibility of success during your hunt. Our black bear population is beautiful. More than half of our the ones we have seen are color-phase bears (chocolate, cinnamon or blonde).

Our zone is a two-tag area, giving you the option to take the first legal bear you like, then hold out for that big boar of your dreams, or just another bear of a different color. It’s up to you.

Predator hunting rules

In Idaho we there are strict regulations for what can and cannot be hunted. Tags for black bear and wolf are available, as well as for cougar and bobcat. While we can bait bears, we cannot bait wolves or other predators. However, wolves may be taken incidentally while hunting bear over bait. Take advantage of this rule and carry a gray wolf tag during your black bear hunt…you may get lucky.

You can turn a 7-day fall big game hunt (guided, semi-guided, or drop camp) into a remote black bear hunt over bait in the backcountry. We have had many clients do this and most have been successful in harvesting a bear.

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