Bear Hunt Idaho

Although baiting Wolves is NOT legal, they may be taken incidentally while hunting bear over bait. Take advantage of this rule and carry a Gray Wolf tag during your Black Bear Hunt (you may get lucky).

Turn an 7 day Fall Big Game Hunt (Guided, Semi-guided, or Drop Camp) into a Remote Black Bear Hunt over bait in the back country.  

Deluxe Spring Bear Hunt – 5 days (May & June)
& Fall Bear Hunts
– 5 days (September & October)

Guided Hunts are conducted out of our base camp as well as our back country camps. We hunt bear by glassing hillsides or the use of baits, whichever method you prefer to use to pursue your Bear. We have a number of large Bear with excellent possibility of taking a color phase Bear.  To date, more than 1/2 of our Bear have been color phase (Chocolate, Cinnamon, or Blonde). This is a 2 tag area giving you the option to take the first legal bear you like and then hold out for that BIG boar or a different color.

Guided Bear Hunt
+$500 Trophy Fee (harvest of 2nd Bear)

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Junior Mentored Bear Hunt – 5 days
(age 10-17 with adult hunter)

Junior Mentored license and tags for non-resident youth hunters age 10-17 are available at reduced cost. These young hunters also get $700 discount when accompanied by an adult hunter. Your guide can act as mentor for a youth without an adult hunter, however, this discount offer does not apply.  With an extremely high success rate of nearly 100%, these Guided Hunts  are a GREAT choice for new hunters of all ages. 

Junior Mentored Bear Hunt
+$500 Trophy Fee (harvest of 2nd Bear)

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“EconoHunt” – 5 days

Economy Hunts are conducted out of our base camp. Your guide sets you on active bait stations in a ground blind or treestand – a “sniper nest” for rifle hunters or “up close and personal” for the avid bowhunter and handgun slinger. The bait is freshened and scented. When he “rings the dinner bell”, the hunt is on.  When you harvest, tracking and game retrieval are included.  This “EconoHunt” may be your answer to enjoy the benefits of using an outfitter for a fraction of the cost.

Economy Hunt
+500 Trophy Fee (harvest of 2nd Bear)

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