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Allocation Tags available for both Archery and Any Weapon "Rifle" Elk Hunts. No need for our Non-resident clients to go through the Draw process. The price of these guaranteed tags are the same. However, a $5 Tag Allocation Fee and Deadlines apply - Book early to get in on this deal.


Archery Elk Hunts - 8 days

(September & October)

Archery Elk Hunts IdahoEnjoy the thrill of a bugling bull from only few yards away. Our experienced guides will bring them in as close as possible to give you the opportunity you have been waiting for. Available for your adventure are fully Guided Hunts, Semi-guided Hunt, Drop Camp, or Spike Camp.

















Rifle Elk Hunts - 8 days



Elk Hunting IdahoRide the ridge tops and glass open hillsides on those crisp mornings and evenings and still hunt the dark timber during the mid-day periods. Horses are available for our Guided Hunts but not always used. We leave it to the discretion of our guides and hunters. Or choose a Semi-guided Hunt, Drop Camp, or a primitive Spike Camp.














NEW!  Turn this 8 day Fall Big Game Hunt (Guided, Semi-guided, or Drop Camp) into a Remote Black Bear Hunt over bait in the back country.  Choose hunt and select "Bear Bait Station" in the drop box, then click "Add to Cart" button. 



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Drop Camp

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Spike Camp

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Finally, the FACTS about Wolf "Reintroduction" - By far, the BEST documentary on this highly controversial subject. "Crying Wolf" is an independently produced documentary film by Jeffrey King, a 20 year old Montana resident. His passions are filmmaking, wildlife, and truth, wherever it may (or may not) be found. He finished his studies last fall, when he completed his B.S.B.A. in Business Management via a distance program through Thomas Edison State College.  This film is about exposing the lies and proclaiming the truth about what the movement to bring back wolves to Yellowstone – and the rest of America – is really about. The film is nearly 1 hour long - and well worth the time spent.

Find out who’s really "Crying Wolf",

"A different way of thinking has emerged in our country and is becoming ever more prominent in our governments and the rest of American culture. This philosophy, known as environmentalism, is now at the forefront of our decision-makers brains and is constantly shaping their thoughts and policies. It was in this mindset that thedecision was made by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to transplant wolves from their homeland in Canada and release them in Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in 1995 and ’96. The agency, along with many environmental and animal rights groups, praised the decision: it was almost as though they were triumphantly heralding the return of some unjustly banished royalty. But their real triumph was that, by elevating animal over man once again, they were given access to tens of millions of dollars and greater control over both private and public property. You see putting wolves in Yellowstone was never about saving wolves or balancing ecosystems. There was another agenda. One they would not reveal to the American public, but would see through, no matter how far they had to bend the rules, no matter how much they had to steal, no matter how bad they had to lie, no matter the cost. And… they did it. What’s done is done. And nobody has ever looked back since…

…Until now.”