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Deluxe Cougar Hunts - 6 to 10 days

(late November, December, and January)

Cougar Hunts IdahoGuided Hunt with hounds and the use of snowmobiles, horses, a truck and/or on foot, as the snow levels and elevation dictate. Lodging may be at Base Camp, Cabin, or a motel in the nearest town. We usually only take one hunter at a time insuring a quality hunting experience. This is once again a reduced 2 tag area (non-residents only $41.75 each) giving you the opportunity to keep hunting after taking your first cat. You may also have the opportunity to pursue a Bobcat. This can be one of the most physical hunts you will ever endure once the chase begins especially if snowshoes are necessary. Shooting is the easy part (once you catch your breath) - the dogs chase the cat, your guide chases the dogs, it's YOUR job to keep up. Be sure to get in shape for this one and bring along those wool clothes.

Select Payment

+$400 Trophy Fee

(harvest of 2nd Mountain Lion)

+$600 Trophy Fee per Bobcat

(additional Species) -or- Donate Pelt to Outfitter


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