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Outdoor Adventures

(July through September)


A variety of Summer Trips are available: Fishing, Camping, Pack Trips, Trail Rides, Reunions, Family Vacation, Corporate Retreat, and Photography. Whether you dream of high adventure, hiking, sightseeing, or just relaxing around the campfire - we customize your trip from a list of fun activities to make your outdoor adventure a reality. Limited only by how long you can stay ..... Create a memory that will last a lifetime!


You must furnish your own sleeping bag, duffel bags, and items of a personal nature. It's good to also bring a flashlight and rain gear along with your personal gear. Travel and motels before and after trips are at your expense. Once at Base Camp all transportation is provided during your adventure. Click this link for a Suggested Equipment List. View price list for outdoor adventure Summer Trips.



Fishing Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestFish

Your trip begins at our Base Camp on Bim Creek. We offer high mountain lake fishing in the back country. Fish four major creeks in our area or the North Fork Clearwater River. The streams within our area are some of Idaho's best kept fly fishing secrets. Begin your trip early by "wetting your line" at The Fishin' Hole.

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Camping Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional Forest



Enjoy the back country from the comfort of one of our remote reserved camps complete with straight wall tents, a full time cook to prepare meals daily, stoves, lanterns, propane, camp tools, utensils, cots, pads, and wood.  We strive to keep our camps clean, comfortable and as modern as possible. Or, challenge nature on her terms with a primitive camping experience on horseback or backpacking. "No trace" protocol is strictly followed by packing out what you pack in. Nothing like fresh trout roasted on a stick over a campfire with butter, salt, and pepper.


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Pack Trips Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestPack Trips

Probe deeper into this proposed wilderness area on horseback. Mules are a classic way to pack into the back country. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of one of our established reserved camps ready and waiting for your arrival, or spike out in primitive campsites as we go.  Pack services available for contract work and research projects. We can also provide a cook and meals for your crew.


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Trail Rides Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestTrail Rides

If fishing is not your fancy, then sit back and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the mountains that surround you. How about going down the trail on horseback for sightseeing and picture taking? Who knows what may appear before your very eyes, a deer, elk or possibly a bear.  The Clearwater National Forest experience will be an adventure you and your family will never forget.

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A great place for your family, friends, group, club, organization, or classmates to rekindle memories past and create new ones together. Celebrate that 50th anniversary in a place the entire family can enjoy and cherish for another 50 years. Have us provide full service and host the entire event - Rent our Base Camp facility and take care of the details yourselves - Select the services you need to make this reunion the one no one will ever forget.

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Family Vacation Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestFamily Vacation

A vacation your family will remember for years as a cherished memory of time together.  There is something special about this area that binds hearts with nature and each other. Bask in the solitude and raw natural beauty of this country as it takes you back to a time when life was much simpler and families were treasured. The perfect setting to rediscover one another and experience an outdoor adventure that can only be found on the trails, ridge tops, creek bottoms, high meadows, and back country lakes of an area immersed in the past.


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Corporate Retreat Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestCorporate Retreat


Your dream got YOU where you are. Now take your key personnel that helped get you there to the next level. An outdoor adventure that inspires success in the heart, clears the head, and enhances the focus on the vision. Nature's way of "Re-Creation" through outdoor recreation has a positive impact that can NOT be duplicated in the business environment. Encourage productivity with a reward for business goals achieved individually and as a team. Our Base Camp facility, although primitive, provides modern conveniences like:  running water, hot shower, comfortable wall tents with wood floors as "executive suites", and a spacious wall tent for your "dining" pleasure that can also serve as a retreat meeting hall. Open that planner and call now to schedule your Corporate Retreat adventure.


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Photography Outdoor Adventures Clearwater Nataional ForestPhotography

Whether you're ..... making a home video or filming a full scale production - a professional photographer or a self proclaimed camera buff - searching for the perfect backdrop on your wedding announcement that only nature can provide - there are spectacular scenes to capture on "film" for all time at every turn. The solitude and raw natural beauty of this country is utterly breathtaking. Wildlife, pristine lakes, crystal clear streams, cascading waterfalls, virgin cedar groves, dark timber, mountain meadows, fragrant flowers, ornate ferns, and rugged terrain make this the scenic panorama it is.

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