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Improved SS-2







Send YOUR rangefinder to school !

Slope-Shot, equipped with a unique stop and hold

device, is a water resistant tool used to easily

measure and read the angle of a slope.

Made with high impact polycarbonate & precision

custom parts, the more compact design is only 3/8" thick!

When used with a good rangefinder and the

"Cut-Chart" provided, you can quickly determine

the correct range to aim and hit your target.


Archery Application

Your range is 40 yds with a 30 angle downhill. 

The computer generated "Cut-Chart" determines

that your corrected range is 33 yds by using

 trigonometry, physics, and other factors.


Rifle Application

The same factors affect a bullet's trajectory.

Slope-Shot can be used with a Rifle "Cut-Chart"

provided.  This chart is also available on our

 website (at no charge), and by email or USPS

upon request (at a minimal cost).



We guarantee this product is free from defects
in materials and workmanship for 1 year. Simply
return defective product to O A T with a
description of defect and your dated receipt.

We will repair or replace it at no charge.


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