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From: Terry Baughman
To: O A T
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 6:07 PM
Subject: Re: OAT Slope-Shot

I used the Slope-Shot hunting this past weekend for the first time. In conjunction with my optical range finder I attached it to, it provided me with the range data I've been trying to figure out in my head using geometry (A2+B2=C2) and other means for years. Although I didn't get a shot at a deer, I was confident if I saw one the corrected range given me by the Slope-Shot would be what I needed.
Also, I took your Downhill/Uphill Cut-Chart from your web site … and attached it to my bows riser where I can see it at all times while in my tree stand. In conjunction with the corrected range from the Slope -Shot I feel a lot more confident in what I'm shooting at.
Bottom line I am extremely happy with your product.
After searching for something like this for years, I've finally found what I'm looking for.


Terry L. Baughman
Eldersburg, MD

Happy to Help!



2005 Pending World Record

using O A T Slope-Shot

I am a serious mountain goat hunter and outfitter.  In our territory, we kill the largest mountain goats in the world.  During the past 2 years, 90% of the goats we’ve taken have qualified for Boone and Crockett - that’s serious goat hunting.  When your lively-hood depends on your hunter making a shot, you have to use the best equipment available.  None of our guides ever leave camp without Slope-Shot as an important tool in his arsenal.  Through vigorous testing, and extensive field experience, we know that Slope-Shot insures the perfect calculations for shooting at steep angles.  Last August I made the toughest shot of my life.  I was drawn back at 60 yards on what I knew to be a new archery world record mountain goat.  Slope-Shot told me to aim as if it were 55 yards.  I released with complete confidence; and I was blessed with the trophy of a lifetime.

Hunt Hard,


Allen Bolen, Owner

Bolen Lewis Trophy Guiding Co.

Awesome Goat Allen!




From:  Shaun Wyllie
To:  <SlopeShot@getOAT.com>

First of all you have a great product.  I have always known up / down has an effect on an arrow but it's a lot harder info to get than a rifle.  I have tested your figures both up and down on different slopes and at ranges out to 65 yards and they are dead on!!  I've missed several times just guessing.  The rifle I shoot is (…).  Again, your product is going to up my shot to kill ratio with a bow a lot.  Not too many flat places in Utah holding big deer and elk.  Some do exist but not where I hunt.  I heard about Slope-Shot from a friend who bought one at Sportsman's Archery, and that's where I bought mine.  Like I said I love it, and I have told several friends how good it works and they either have bought one or will before the season.
Thanks, Shaun (UTAH)

Happy Hunting, O A T

Rifle "Cut-Chart" Available




2005 Muzzle Loader Buck

O A T Slope-Shot Style


I am happy to report that I had a very successful Muzzle Loader hunt. This buck was feeding slowly as he headed to his bedding area, but he didn't want to stop in any one place for very long before moving on to the next edible morsel.  I ranged him at 310 meters and simultaneously got the 10 degree downhill angle from my Slope-Shot stuck to the side of my rangefinder.  It didn't appear that he would get any closer so I dialed in the distance, checked my Cut-Chart, and then knocked off one minute for the slope.  There was no wind and I had my muzzle loader positioned solidly on my tripod rest, so I pulled back the hammer, steadied up, and squeezed off the shot.  Larry Bundy, a good friend and hunting buddy, was sitting next to me and watching through his binoculars at the shot.  He told me that I had hit the buck low in the shoulder.  He ran a total of 20 yards, stopped, flipped over backwards and died before I could get my ramrod out for a reload.  After examining the buck, I found that the bullet had entered the bucks' chest a couple inches above the point of the elbow, cutting the heart in half, and exited the other side with plenty of remaining energy.  Larry told me that he had heard of people accidentally killing bucks at long distances with muzzle loaders before, but I was the first he knew of that did it on purpose.  All the gizmos in the world won't help if your gun shoots 12" groups, but I have been blessed with a very accurate gun.  I also have a great ballistics program to tell me what my bullet will do downrange, and gizmos like my Slope-Shot and rangefinder to help me dial in the exact point of impact needed for a clean kill.  Thanks for a very usable product.  I would love to hear about any updates to this design you might implement in the future. - Don Leonard (UTAH)


CONGRATULATIONS! - Fantastic Story

and a GREAT Trophy




















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