"Whether you shoot a compound bow

or a high powered rifle, the challenge is the same.

Unless you remember to compensate

by aiming LOW, you'll miss HIGH."


Uphill:  Intuitively, most bowhunters would not expect the same situation

when shooting uphill as they would downhill.   However, from an aiming

standpoint, they are nearly identical.  Your arrow will hit HIGH unless you

aim LOW.  A 40 yard shot up a 30 degree slope requires you to aim as if

the intended target were only 35 yards away.  If the up-slope is a more

gradual 20 degrees, aim as if the target were 38 yards away.

his is an


of a 40 yard

shot downhill at

a 30 degree angle.

Aim at 33 yards.

Downhill:  When shooting down a 30 degree slope, you must use

your 33 yard pin to hit the mark at 40 yards.  Most bowhunters would

not allow for this much compensation - A factor that has, no doubt,

contributed to the longevity of more than one trophy Bull Elk or

wide-racked Muley. If the down-slope flattens to 20 degrees,

you must treat a 40 yard shot as if it were only 37 yards.

So now what?

Most hunters certainly don't want to take a scientific calculator

and a list of trigonometry equations into the field with them.  They

need a product that will quickly give them answers.  Slope-Shot

is a newly designed inclinometer with a unique "push and hold"

device that easily holds the needle allowing for an accurate

reading of any slope.  Once the angle and distance to target is

found, the Cut-Chart provided enables the hunter to quickly

and accurately determine the corrected distance to a target

located up or down a hill.  This information becomes

even more critical for long shots in steep terrain.

his picture of Slope-Shot

mounted on a rangefinder,

shows that the button is

located at the bottom and the

needle is pointed at zero when

the rangefinder is level.


Though the provided Cut-Chart should adequately

accommodate most of today's archery setups there may be

slight variations.  The Cut-Charts are for a bow shooting a 400 grain

arrow at 280 fps (feet per second).  Even if your setup is different,

any bow shooting within 60 grains and 40 fps should only see

a difference of 1 yard/meter.  Additional Cut-Charts can

be printed from our Cut-Chart page.  We also have

a Cut-chart for rifles and muzzle loaders.


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