Using Your Cut-Chart


Find the distance measured with your rangefinder in left column of the chart.  Follow this row to

the column matching the angle reading obtained with Slope-Shot.  This is your corrected range in

yards / meters.  (Corrected range can be estimated when readings fall between those listed on

the chart.)  Aim appropriately for this corrected range to hit your target.


Combined Archery Cut-Charts

"Corrected Range" for both Uphill and Downhill

are  now available in 1 convenient chart!


This Cut-Chart combines the uphill and downhill charts into one convenient chart.  The first

column on the chart is the ranged distance to the target. the top row of numbers is the angle to

the target that you measure with Slope-Shot.  The "U" and "D" in the chart stand for Uphill and

Downhill.  They are highlighted so you won't get confused when using it in a hurry.  The angle and

distance numbers are also in a different color to keep them separated.  We suggest you laminate

the chart to help it endure inclement weather.  Archery and Rifle charts are available in PDF

format.  You can print the ones that fits your needs.


CC-AF  Archery Cut-Chart

Rifle Cut-Charts


CC-RF  Rifle/Muzzleloader Cut-Chart

Purchase a

CC-1 Cut-Chart (weatherproof)

Our Cut-Chart, printed on Weatherproof synthetic paper, is puncture and tear

resistant.  Archery and Rifle / Muzzleloader charts included.

Price $5.00 S/H $0.75