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hese 5 archery fanatics used inclinometers on rangefinders in the steep-terrain, high alpine setting of Utah's  Wasatch Front hunting massive Mule Deer.



























I'd like to tell you how OAT and Slope-Shot were created. Early 2005 we saw a video unlike any other, "ThreeSixty°" produced by FMP (Full Moon Productions). These five archery fanatics used inclinometers on rangefinders in the steep-terrain, high alpine setting of Utah's Wasatch Front hunting massive Mule Deer. Only one problem - in order to get an angle reading, they had to attempt to hold their rangefinder on target while cranking their head around to see the angle reading from the side. We thought how much more accurate it would be if they had a device to hold the angle, then turn the rangefinder for the reading. So, we set out to find one. Nothing that suited our needs and budget was found, so we decided to make one. Finally, using existing parts and products, our invention was born. We got so much interest from other bowhunters we showed the prototype to, we made more. By the time we finished those, the proshop that sponsored the video wanted some. We decided to start OAT, and manufacture Slope-Shot. For a new company, we've come a long way in a short period of time. The first run of 137 where available for sale only 6 weeks prior to the 2005 Utah archery season. We have manufactured thousands to date and now have them in 16 Pro-Shops throughout Utah and OAT Slope-Shot are being used in nearly every State and several countries! We are now prepared to manufacture thousands more and are currently looking for new Dealers across the country.  This is a relatively new concept that is rapidly sweeping the hunting industry. Our goal was to make an affordable, easy to use, product that could retrofit the millions of perfectly good rangefinders already in the hands of hunters. The alternatives are either: an expensive product, rangefinder replacement, or both. OAT developed a new improved Slope-Shot (SS-2) in 2006 and creating other products to be released as they are developed.




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